Leo Arseneault says ‘She knew it well how to do things,’ “According to us she is our sailing mom and we call her by the same name” This is one of the first things said by Inessa Townsend-Fish at the time she reflected her relationship with Molly Kurvink. She further added, “She is a great person and really love and care people who are around her and share love and happiness with people around her. She meant a lot to us.”

Kurvink was 62 years and died at an afternoon of Wednesday. Kurvink along with her husband, Harri Palm, was on Guelph Lake and were doing ice boating. Then Kurvink vessel met with an accident, it went through the ice and then went into the water. Immediately after the accident, both were taken to a hospital, but sadly Kurvink pronounced dead by doctors after a thorough inspection. While sharing the memories of time spent with Kurvink, Townsend-Fish and a team member of Guelph Community Boating Club said we used to meet Kurvink at the club, we meet her when we were younger and in the phase of learning how to sail.

Arsenault​ said, recalling the moment when she was nervous about sailing, “I was very nervous getting on the boat sailing and even thought of leaving it, but Kurvink was really forceful and she insisted me to try. She convinced me so much that I returned to the club very next week and started sailing and then I started loving sailing.”

He added, “There were times when I used to feel upset about things in sailing, but every time I use to feel it, I find her next to me making me understand technicalities of sailing. She would take me for coffee and cheer me up sharing her own stories. And I think this was not just for me, but for every student of the club.”

Aiofe Hopkins Gets Chance In Gold Fleet

The Hempel World Sailing Championship is considered to be of Olympic class levels and not without reason. This is a world level championship that has led to several nations book their slots for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The races have been on for a week and several victories are being celebrated every day. For instance, Aoife Hopkins was able to claim victory in a race win that was done in emphatic style. It is a performance indicator that showcases how unique wins are made possible every now and then. Aiofe Hopkins, of 19 years of age, comes from Howth and has qualified to be part of the Gold fleet in the Laser Radial.

This is definitely a great achievement for the young sailor; it also sets the scene for her to get good experience in a division of 56 boats that has several seniors who are Olympic medalists and others who have been champions in different events. It is definitely difficult to get into the Gold fleet and a 44th position is what she obtained in Tuesday, showcasing the difficulty level of the competition.

Italians Top Leaderboard Of Gold Fleet Finals

The Italian flag was flying the highest after the competition of the serious gold fleet racing finals at the Narca 17 World Championships.

This event is held at La Grande Motte, South France and the day four was the day when the first day of the gold fleet racing finals was held. The Italian team of RuggeroTita and Caterina Banti had a near perfect day and they won all the three races on this important day. By winning the day, the Italians were 2 points clear on top of the leaderboard and following them are their close rivals Spain’s Tara Pacheco and Fernando Echavarri. The third position is in the hands of Spain’s Iker Martinez and Olga Maslivets, who are just a point a drift the second placed team. (more…)

Small Boat Regatta At Massapaog YC Attracts RS Aeros

The Small Boat Regatta at Massapaog YC kicked off as a regatta for Sunfish and Lasers.

In 2015, the RS Aeros found space in the event and now this is the fleet that is most looked forward to in the event. This year saw the biggest fleet of the RS Aeros take part in the Massapoag YC Small Boat Regatta. A total of 13 RS Aeros took part in this year’s event. Sailors from the United Kingdom, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts sailed a mix of seven, nine and five rigs. This is for the first time in the history of the event that the various RS Aero rigs were scored on handicaps making use of the RYA Portsmouth yardsticks.

Most of the sailors started to rig their boats on arrival. Many experienced sailors were seen helping out the newcomers to set up and rig their new boats. There was a lot of camaraderie among the sailors and everyone got a chance to exchange pleasantries and meet their old friends. (more…)

Ireland Preparing For The Offshore Sailing Season

It looks like Ireland is looking to make it big at the offshore racing event this year as it has planned to bring out two separate transatlantic solo campaigns this season.

Ireland has done a very good job in 2016 in the Round Ireland Race as well as the Round Ireland speed records. They have done extremely well in the monohull and the multihull events. Ireland is looking for even greater achievements in the 2017 offshore sailing season. There is also an Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association fleet waiting in the wings.

There was a survey conducted by the Irish Sea Offshore Racing Association (ISORA) on behalf of Yacht Charter in Scotland, and the result of this is that 53 percent of the respondents to the survey out of the 115 responses said that they are regular offshore racers and 30 percent of the respondents said that they are regular coastal racers. This means there is a wealth of talent in the offshore sailing in Ireland. (more…)

World Sailing Show Events

There is a World Sailing Show that is held regularly and it is a monthly view for sailing enthusiasts, especially when it comes to knowing about the competitive sailing events across the world. In November the highlighted event was the Rolex Middle Sea race that covered about six hundred miles around the region of Sicily.

This race helped the fleet to experience the landscape like never before. They were able to witness backdrops to the waters that were stunning along with active volcanoes, headlands as well as water passages that were challenging for the boats. There was also a chance to win a holiday chartering in Croatia (more…)

Glenn Astwood Won Nassau Cup

Glenn Astwood, the Olympic sailor who was the part of Bermuda, savored the taste of success all at the Nassau Cup Ocean Race.

The race happened and many experienced and professional sailors participated in it.

Astwood was the part of Frank Atkinson’s J125, Raisin’ Cane yacht, the crew of the yacht was experienced and thus they maintained good speed throughout the event and remain the fastest yacht of its class.

Astwood and members on the dock with him flourished in the racing conditions that was ideal and like an offer. They completed 176-nautical mile race started from Miami and end in Nassau in the record time of one day, five hours and 45 minutes. It was third attempt and finally they cherished the success. (more…)