Glenn Astwood Won Nassau Cup

Glenn Astwood, the Olympic sailor who was the part of Bermuda, savored the taste of success all at the Nassau Cup Ocean Race.

The race happened and many experienced and professional sailors participated in it.

Astwood was the part of Frank Atkinson’s J125, Raisin’ Cane yacht, the crew of the yacht was experienced and thus they maintained good speed throughout the event and remain the fastest yacht of its class.

Astwood and members on the dock with him flourished in the racing conditions that was ideal and like an offer. They completed 176-nautical mile race started from Miami and end in Nassau in the record time of one day, five hours and 45 minutes. It was third attempt and finally they cherished the success.

Astwood said “We tried to create new record two times earlier, but failed to beat the time. We were beaten up both the time to the lag time was very small”. He happily said, ‘Result of the race shows year 2016 was better than the past two years and broke the iceberg”.

“Weather conditions throughout the race was good, there was nice wind, no storm. The wind was primarily in two directions downwind and upwind. This supported our journey to the finish line. However, approximately 10 miles before the finish line there was no wind at all and we lost our speed. This is the reason why we took more time at finish line”.

Speaking about his role in the boat when the race was going on Astwood said “I was involved in all activities on a boat that includes jib trimming, driving, spinnaker trimming etc. I was even telling the team what sails should be used. I was familiar with the boat and thus people were not hesitant in taking my advisory on sailing related decisions on boat”.

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