Mounsey Sea Tales At AWBF

Peter Mounsey is now 88 and his love for sailing has not ended yet. Recently he sailed in the Sydney to Hobart race for the festival of Australian Wooden Boat. He had the smallest yacht among all the sailors.

While on the voyage, Mounsey encountered many hurdles, but that was not something that could be resisted his way. After all, he is a sailor who has covered more than a million nautical miles.

When asked Mounsey about this, he said “In my opinion, I am not that old. I have enough potential and active enough to participate in such races. I think I am very lucky and have something good in my genes.”

“My passion for sailing started when I was in the navy at the time of World War II.” He added.

Peter has participated in many tournaments and now and has bagged many trophies. In the year 1950s, Peter with his wife sailed round the world race and became the first Australian couple doing so. They also spent 6 years working on for a Greece yacht charter company.

Speaking about the event Director of the event Paul Cullen shared his thought with these words, “The marquee and the tall ships are attracting spectators from all over Australia. As the reputation of the event is growing the crowd is also increasing.”

“This time we got some extremely good looking vessels and these were from the UK and other parts the world as well.”

The whole event was successful and it witnessed participation of some of the best sailors in the world.
Among the international visitors were a group of boat building students from Holland to build a boat for the festival.

Their project commemorated the 375th anniversary of the Dutch explorer Abel Tasmania finding Tasmania.
The timber they have used has been salvaged from a Hydro Tasmania dam and the celery top pine is believed to be 500 years old.