Arseneault Knows

Leo Arseneault says ‘She knew it well how to do things,’ “According to us she is our sailing mom and we call her by the same name” This is one of the first things said by Inessa Townsend-Fish at the time she reflected her relationship with Molly Kurvink. She further added, “She is a great person and really love and care people who are around her and share love and happiness with people around her. She meant a lot to us.”

Kurvink was 62 years and died at an afternoon of Wednesday. Kurvink along with her husband, Harri Palm, was on Guelph Lake and were doing ice boating. Then Kurvink vessel met with an accident, it went through the ice and then went into the water. Immediately after the accident, both were taken to a hospital, but sadly Kurvink pronounced dead by doctors after a thorough inspection. While sharing the memories of time spent with Kurvink, Townsend-Fish and a team member of Guelph Community Boating Club said we used to meet Kurvink at the club, we meet her when we were younger and in the phase of learning how to sail.

Arsenault​ said, recalling the moment when she was nervous about sailing, “I was very nervous getting on the boat sailing and even thought of leaving it, but Kurvink was really forceful and she insisted me to try. She convinced me so much that I returned to the club very next week and started sailing and then I started loving sailing.”

He added, “There were times when I used to feel upset about things in sailing, but every time I use to feel it, I find her next to me making me understand technicalities of sailing. She would take me for coffee and cheer me up sharing her own stories. And I think this was not just for me, but for every student of the club.”