Small Boat Regatta At Massapaog YC Attracts RS Aeros

The Small Boat Regatta at Massapaog YC kicked off as a regatta for Sunfish and Lasers.

In 2015, the RS Aeros found space in the event and now this is the fleet that is most looked forward to in the event. This year saw the biggest fleet of the RS Aeros take part in the Massapoag YC Small Boat Regatta. A total of 13 RS Aeros took part in this year’s event. Sailors from the United Kingdom, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts sailed a mix of seven, nine and five rigs. This is for the first time in the history of the event that the various RS Aero rigs were scored on handicaps making use of the RYA Portsmouth yardsticks.

Most of the sailors started to rig their boats on arrival. Many experienced sailors were seen helping out the newcomers to set up and rig their new boats. There was a lot of camaraderie among the sailors and everyone got a chance to exchange pleasantries and meet their old friends.

The skippers meeting were held and it was conducted by the regatta chair Diane and PRO Greg Kampf. There were various suggestions put in by the skippers about the race and how it would be conducted and there was a healthy debate on various topics as well. It was decided to conduct six races at the regatta and the courses for all the races are trapezoidal. The wind is chunky and wavering at the venue. The RS Aero sailors had a good time in the waters as they needed to change the gears once every 15 seconds in such wind conditions. It is all about proper planning for the wavering wind conditions.

The result of the RS Aero race saw Marc Jacobi end in position one after the 6 races (9 points) with Gareth Griffiths claiming the 2nd position (11 points) and Matthew Russell claims the 3rd spot with 14 points.